Cinema Picnic

May is the month crossing through spring and summer. In that sense, the “Cinema Picnic” in 2022 has also prepared a special program that everyone can enjoy together. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the DIAFF tried to expand its contact with the public, and it naturally led us to preparing a program “Hello, Stranger.” Films of ‘strangers,’ which we have loved from the last century, will visit Incheon this year. From Casablanca, which is famous for mistranslation of ‘cheers to your eyes’ to The Sound of Music, Bagdad Cafe, Leningrad Cowboys Go America, Comrades: Almost a Love Story, Lost in Translation, all masterpieces that have fascinated the public and film lovers will shine at the 10th DIAFF. 

Unfamiliarity is a fear. And this frightening unfamiliarity often leads to discrimination and hatred. However, unfamiliarity also means a novelty. It is strange because it is new but more fascinating. As we feel an unfamiliar space, we break down our own framework. We expand our perception by meeting unfamiliar existences. We share friendships with strangers. We bloom our love with strangers. Therefore, unfamiliarity is a bright future and a newly reuniting world. 

Above all, the sense of unfamiliarity is the sense of diaspora. Unfamiliar spaces and people are unfolded through the experience of migration and movement. Hope for a better life follows even if fear and pain precede. Human energy explodes for life. We hope that you also feel the same energy and imagine the brighter future together drawn by strangers at the “Cinema Picnic,” so that the unfamiliar diaspora becomes our hope.

Lost in Translation 102'
Sofia Coppola
Casablanca 102'
Michael Curtiz
The Sound of Music 172'
Robert Wise
Comrades: Almost a Love Story 118'
CHEN Kexin
Bagdad Cafe 108'
Percy Adlon
Leningrad Cowboys Go America 78'
Aki Kaurismaki