Diaspora's eye

“Diaspora’s Eye,” a popular section of the Diaspora Film Festival, interprets the films selected by the guest programmers in various ways as the diaspora time. In 2022, popular guest programmers visit the audience in Incheon again to guide the diaspora. The protagonists are Kwon Il Yong, a criminologist who opened a new horizon in the scientific investigation based on the value of human rights, and writer Park Sang Young, a young master of Korean novels. Kwon Il Yong, the first criminal profiler in Korea, sharply reinterprets the crime action movie THE OUTLAWS, which even produced a sequel based on its huge box office success. Writer Park Sang Young chose the best movie of his life. He interprets the film The Hours based on Michael Cunningham's 1999 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name from the perspective of a novelist. Don't miss “Diaspora's Eye,” which will enrich the 10th anniversary of the Diaspora Film Festival!
The Hours 114'
Stephen Daldry