Diaspora's eye

​As a mainstay section of the DIAFF, Diaspora’​s Eye tries to interpret and understand the concept of ‘diaspora,’ which is still unknown to many, in various ways through the perspectives of guest programmers. This year’​s invitees are no less special than before. Ha Mina, who has worked tirelessly to resist hatred and discrimination against women and eventually to empower them, introduces Kogonada’​s 2021 film After Yang and talks with the special guest Jang Hye-yeong, a member of the National Assembly​. An Changrim, a Zainichi Korean who was once a member of the Korean National Judo Team, also visits Incheon with Kim Myung-jun’​s Our School, which tells the story of ‘Joseon School’ in Japan, which he calls ‘home’. (Hyuksang Ksan Lee)​


Our School 132'
KIM Myung-jun
After Yang 95'