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Until the Stones Speak


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The wind blows and the waves crash on and on. The five women who experienced the 4.3 Incident in Jeju were just over 20 years old at the time, and now they are all in their nineties. Despite being acquitted through a retrial, no one can ever compensate for the hardships they went through during that time and their lives over the following 70 years. The film captures the memories of these women and weaves them into the current scenery of Jeju, portraying the poignant history of the island. The natural scenery flows indifferently over vivid memories, and oblivion flows over the ever-changing landscape. The long-standing scenery is also a place of events, and it serves to remind us of the power and limitations of human existence. Memories of a single moment are finite and fluid, but they awaken something within us that goes beyond the physical world. The director, Kim Kyungman, who has long been interested in rewriting history with old footage, pays attention to the current space and words. Like the film’​s title implies, Until the stones speak. (LEE Seungmin)


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