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Life Unrehearsed


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Kim In-sun and Lee Soohyun are a lesbian couple in their 70s. The two have been together for more than 30 years as reliable companions and friends. In-sun came to Germany alone in her early 20s on her mother’​s invitation who left for Germany after giving birth to her in Korea. From her marriage and divorce with a dispatched miner, meeting with Soohyun, to studying theological research, establishing a hospice organization for immigrants, and publishing an autobiography, everything she has been through were the destiny given to her. Soohyun, a former dispatched nurse in Germany, meets In-sun and realizes true love, joins her in the scene of an intercultural hospice, and supports LGBTQs. The trajectory of their lives as sexual minorities who are away from their birthplaces, settled in an unfamiliar land and interact with other minorities are vivid records of Korea emigration history and diaspora. The film affectionately captures the present of these two people, their simple daily lives, and the moments of companionship and care. Witnessing this older lesbian couple living a solid life, who have rarely been socially visible, gives us great comfort and strong support. (JEONG Ji Hye)


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