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Again the Wind Blows 영화 상세정보

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Again the Wind Blows


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The fourth film of the People’s World History Decalogy project by the family-run documentary film production house, Company Sanggune. After projects related to the Bosnian war and gypsies suspended due to COVID-19, the director looks back at the past footage. From No Name Stars, featuring the pro-democracy movement and the citizens of Gwangju, Wellang Trei, featuring Cambodian civil war and Bunong people, to All Live, Olive, featuring Israeli-Palestinian conflict and refugees, through this Sanggune’s journey over the past decade, the director newly discovered the story of women and families in the footage. The stories of women from four countries resemble each other, who were unintentionally swept away by flows of the time but did not give up their lives like grass roots. Sanggune also talks about honest thoughts of work, travel and labor. Unexpected commas change into exclamation points through question marks. (KI Hyungmin)

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KIM Tae-il
KIM Tae-il

All Live, Olive (2016)

Wellang Trei (2012)

No Name Stars (2010)​ 

JU Ro-mi
JU Ro-mi

All Live, Olive (2016) 





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