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The Quiet Migration

Denmark 2023102'FictionG

프로그램 노트

Carl, 19, is a Korean-Danish adopted by a rural Danish family dominated by white people. The film starts with capturing a vast farm landscape and a stone suddenly falling from the sky and forming a puddle. After returning home from school, Carl helps his parents work on the farm, and the old parents want him to take over the farm. Carl’s daily life in the film is calmly captured with realistic and observational eyes, but fantastic and surreal scenes are inserted in the middle. As if the stone struck in a tranquil natural landscape, the film depicts the existence and psychology of Carl across reality and fantasy, capturing his sense of isolation and anxiety. Additionally, the film demonstrates the quiet love of the family, and subtle distance between the family members that cannot reveal each other openly, and the heterogeneity within the community in a balanced and disciplined way. This film is not about a noisy and dramatic conflict, but of growth and tracking down the roots of “migration” quietly. Still, it is interesting that the quiet migration becomes noisy only in the Korea scenes. (LEE Seungmin)

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