Diaspora Travel
Date 5.21.(Sat) 15:00
5.22.(Sun) 14:00
Venue Incheon Art Platform Theater (C)

Who am I? Where do I come from? And Why am I here?
This is a domestic play based on Suh Kyung-sik’s autobiographical essay describing his stateless status.

Seoulkedam, a theater company that has been focusing on the existence of various people in the metropolis by working on ‘Seoul Talchoom Project’, collaborated with its trusted artists through a long-time joint research and development based on Suh Kyung-sik’s work.
Suh Kyung-sik, who has constantly come across the question of ‘Who am I?’ in various phases of his life as a Zainichi Korean writer, guides us to the journey into the origin and meaning of modern diaspora life. Facing various exiles who always remain strangers and minorities, the play reminds us of the memories of yesterday’s violence and helps us ask ourselves where we are now and where we should be heading then.
Making use of various mediums like video, sound, and objects in the performance, Diaspora Travel has succeeded in giving shape to the existential senses of the diaspora in a theatrical style.
Diaspora Travel is a story of certain people who don’t belong to either side of the borderline with no choice but to contemplate on the issue of ‘in-between’ space. It is a work that seeks the future world beyond the modern state.


Arranged and Directed by YOO Young-Bong

KONG Ha-Sung, KIM Sung-Hwan, OH Sun-A, CHO Ji-Hyun, LEE Jin-Hwa, KIM Hyang-Soo-Ri
Dramaturge LEE Jong-chan
Scenographer LEE Min-Young
Lightning designer KIM Sung-Gu
Sound designer JUNG Hae-Soo
Sound director LEE Hyun-Seok
Video director JEONG Gil-Woo
Producer LEE Jung-Eun

Produced by Seoulkedam, Seongbuk Cultural Foundation


Founded in 2010, Seoulkedam creates space for thought on current issues by adapting various absurd happenings in modern cities in the form of ghost stories. Through a new type of play that is not confined to the theater, the company talks about ‘individual issues’ in and out of the community in the street or wherever it is available as well.

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