Diaspora Travel

From the publication of his first book, My Pilgrimage to Western Art in 1992 to My Pilgrimage to Japanese Art in 2022, many Koreans, particularly artists, have responded to the ‘blade-like’ sharp sentences of a Zainichi Korean essayist Suh Kyung-sik. The troupe ‘Seoulkedam’ was one of them, and as the company has been focusing on diverse diaspora in metropolis Seoul, it is natural for them to meet Suh Kyung-sik, a Zainichi Korean diaspora. The artistic director of the troupe, Yoo Young-Bong recalls his time studying abroad in Japan in the 1990s and realizes that Chosun University, a Korean ethnic school in Japan, was located right next to the Japanese university he attended at the time. He was not aware at that time, but seeing it comes back after a long period of time, the word ‘fateful’ does not seem so strange. After the play, the talk session will be held.

  • A Pilgrim Who Could Not Become a Traveler, SUH Kyung-sik
    • Date: 5.21.(Sat) 15:00
    • Venue: Incheon Art Platform Theater (C)
    • Panel: SUH Kyung-sik, YOO Young-Bong (theater director), KIM Hyang-Soo-Ri (actor) / Host: LEE Jong-chan (Dramaturgist)
  • Coming Across Diaspora
    • Date: 5.22.(Sun) 14:00 
    • Venue: Incheon Art Platform Theater (C)
    • Panel: KIM Hyang-Soo-Ri, KIM Sung-Hwan, KONG Ha-Sung, LEE Jin-Hwa, OH Sun-A, CHOI Ji-Hyun (actors), YOO Young-Bong (theater director) / Host: LEE Jong-chan (Dramaturgist)