Poster & Logo

12th Diaspora Film Festival
Official Poster

The poster for the 12th Diaspora Film Festival is composed of contrast and harmony of straight lines and curves: a single black straight line and colorful curves diverging from it form the first letter of the festival, 'D'. The meandering curves are a metaphor for different forms of migration, changing characteristics of minorities clashing with established society, and the flow of diasporic life. The shape of the film festival edition number '12' emphasizes this contrast between straight lines and curves.

Designed by  FlagFlag(Kyungmin Lee)

Diaspora in Focus: Special Poster

The hat, bag, passport that had traveled with him a long way.
And the bird sculpture, whale doll, honeycomb sweets, and map that had been part of his everyday life.
Watermelon and olive trees symbolize peace in Palestine.
Mountain Yatsukatake, located behind the house where Dr Seo's bereaved family prays.

I imagined a landscape where simple objects carrying traces of Dr. Seo's diasporic life could fly freely and harmonize with each other.
May this beautiful memorial created by those who remember him shine as a warm festival of solidarity.

Illustrated by  Junghwa Min
Designed by  FlagFlag(Kyungmin Lee)