Program Section

  • Diaspora Features

    This is a section for national and international feature films covering various global diasporic phenomenon without any division of genre or subject.

  • Diaspora Shorts

    This is a section for national and international short films about people on borders in terms of sexual identity, class, and immigration.

  • Diaspora in Focus

    Each year, we select the most significant diasporic issue. In this section, feature films and short films that handle the issue in depth will be presented to the public.

  • Diaspora's eye

    Watch a film and enjoy the talk with a guest programmer. A special guest programmer will be invited to reinterpret a popular film from a diasporic point of view. The section is connected with the academy program.

  • Cinema Picnic

    Selection of films that will take you on a picnic. This section features films for all ages.