Film Production Workshop ‘Film, SOLAN’

Immigrant Media Training “Film, SOLAN”
Training Period February, 2024ㅡMay, 2024 (10 sessions)
Screening Schedule 5.19. (Sun) 14:30
Screening Venue Theater 4 at Ae Kwan Theater
Administer Asia Media Culture Factory (AMC Factory)

“Film, SOLAN” is a short film production workshop for immigrants. Participants can experience the entire filmmaking process, from script writing to shooting and editing, and ultimately direct films that reflect the life stories of immigrants in Korean society. The films produced during the workshop will be premiered at this year's festival.

AMC Factory

Asia Media Culture Factory is a cultural organization where people from diverse racial and national backgrounds come together and produce creative and joyful energy through culture and art. AMC's main projects include the Migrant Art & Culture Space 'FreePort' and Seoul Migrant Art Festival.

Close Yet Far Home

Director PAK Yuriy
Screening Info 5.19. (Sun) 14:30 | Ae Kwan Theater 4 | 21′ | Documentary | Ⓖ

It’s been 85 years since Koryo-saram were forcefully deported. Many Koryo-saram return to Korea and form families. Chris and Mark are fourth-generation Koryo-saram. Although their parents had lived their whole lives in Uzbekistan, they were born and raised in Korea. Nevertheless, they still get treated as foreigners even though they have Korean identities and ancestry. As Koryo-saram parents, what would be the meaning of “homeland” they want their children to know?

Mini Skirt

Director AMARI Miho
Screening Info 5.19. (Sun) 14:30 | Ae Kwan Theater 4 | 15′ | Documentary | Ⓖ

After feeling that they were meant to be in another place and set out on a path toward the unknown world by trusting in themselves, two women named Poe and Miho meet in Korea. It has been four years since they first met. As more stories are shared between them, Miho becomes curious about the life of Poe who left her hometown with the same mind as hers.

The Escaped Dream

Director Poe YADANAR
Screening Info 5.19. (Sun) 14:30 | Ae Kwan Theater 4 | 15′ | Documentary | Ⓖ

It has been seven years since the 20-year-old Ye Naing, who couldn't speak a word of Korean, arrived in Korea. To some, Korea could represent the Korean Dream, but the case was different for him. His dream of leaving Myanmar somehow and studying abroad was realized in Korea. The place where we are now could very well be a refuge from an unwanted place rather than a voluntarily chosen location.


Director TSOY Yana
Screening Info 5.19. (Sun) 14:30 | Ae Kwan Theater 4 | 11′ | Fiction | Ⓖ

A female Koryo-saram, who is neither Korean nor foreign, becomes tired of all the repetitive questions she gets about her homeland, the Korean language, and Koryo-saram as a whole. Her attempts at a romantic relationship fail every time, and she ponders over whether she will have to live her whole life alone. One day, on a blind date set up by her friend that she reluctantly accepted, she gets caught up in an expected situation…

Boundary of Light

Director ZHANG Jing
Screening Info 5.19. (Sun) 14:30 | Ae Kwan Theater 4 | 14′ | Documentary | Ⓖ

Red likes the color red. Red expresses their life and identity as a non-binary. This is the story of Red, who is beautiful for being more honest and confident than anyone else.

Useless Letter

Screening Info 5.19. (Sun) 14:30 | Ae Kwan Theater 4 | 11′ | Fiction | Ⓖ

“Dad, you and I are so incompatible!” Blessing was born and raised in Korea, and her father migrated to Korea from Togo. They always quarrel and fail to understand each other, but in the eyes of other people, they couldn’t be more alike if they tried. Since they even suffer from the same miscommunication difficulties due to neither one speaking about their deep feelings, when will they ever learn about each other's sincere heart? ?

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