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The 12th Diaspora Film Festival 

DIAFF Immigrant SNS Supporters Recruitment



Diaspora Film Festival, which is celebrating its 12th year, is currently recruiting DIAFF immigrant SNS supporters. 

The festival aims to provide a platform for immigrants living in Incheon, a city of diaspora, to express their voices and participate in the festival. We welcome participation and attention from immigrants who are interested in engaging with the local community.



 Activity Period : February to June 2024 (5 months)


 Activity Details

- Posting news about the Diaspora Film Festival on social media in Korean and the national language.

- Attending offline pre-activities and participating in the Diaspora Film Festival during the festival week.

  * Attendance at offline events such as the launching ceremony (2/19) and education session is required. (6 times expected) 

  * Contents created as part of supporter activities may be used for promoting the Diaspora Film Festival.



- Priority rights to join every DIAFF program

- Full package of DIAFF official goods

- Issuance of activity certificate after completion of the activity

- Expenses for participating in meetings and activities

- Awards for outstanding supporters



Immigrants who can attend activities in Incheon (regardless of nationality or age)

   * Must be able to communicate in Korean.

- Who has social media account(Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc)


 How to apply (choose one option)

- Application via website(submit a form after filling it out)

- Application via email after downloading the application document


 Recruitment period : 19th of Januaray ~ 2nd of February, 2024 6PM


 Inquiries : Diaspora Film Festival Public Relations Team

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